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PeriData License rates

The great success of PeriData all over Europe is not least the result of the very reasonable price. A rate (2nd and following years) of € 17 per month is increadibly low for a specialized software. With such a cost/benefit-ratio, PeriData is one of the best investments into your office administration tools.

Leasing model well approved

The consistent change to a leasing model has been well approved since more than 10 years. The costs are unchanged, but the user´s security has been increased by a detailed license contract that defines the duties of the PeriData Software GmbH. Most customers appreciate the long-term perspective of such a model. >>> more about leasing instead of purchase

License fee "all inclusive"

The license fee of PeriData is free of complicated rules and includes all necessary services:


€ 204    Yearly license fee  (second and following years)

€ 933    License fee for the first year

€   79    Special cable (HFA1, HFA2, Octopus 300)

1 License is needed for an eye care unit with 1 perimeter, 1-2 eye specialists and up to 7 PC. For larger eyecare units see pricelist  >>> complete price list

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