Complete Installation Guide   (Link: quick installation guide)

The installation of PeriData requires the connection to several external elements. The following scheme shows the "topology" in an overview.        Click on an active element or switch to the file structure

Each EMR software is suitable for the connection with PeriData. Click to get a list of companies which have many years of experience with the connection. The connection EMR Software <--> PeriData is called LINK MODE. Click for details ! PeriData is installed at each workstation. Click for details ! The connection PeriData <--> Perimeter depends on the instrument. Click for details ! Most perimeters provide an export function to PeriData. Click to get a list of compatible instruments. PeriData always writes immediately into the database. There is no "save" command. The database files should always be located on the server in a separate folder. In the Link Mode, the EMR software defines the file path during the call. Click for details !

Complete installation step by step (Perimeter, Program, Software Link)

This installation guide applies to IT specialists. There is also a quick installation guide

1. Create the database directory

2. Install the program

3. Connect the Perimeter and PeriData (only at the perimeter workstation)

4A. Connect the EMR software (with LINK MODE integration)

4B. Create a standard database (only with single station or a multi-station setup without Link Mode)

  • create a new database (CTRL+N)
  • save as (CTRL+S) .. into the database directory
  • recommended name = name of the institution without special characters (e.g. "EyecenterDocMiller.phf", "EyeclinicNewtown.phf"..
  • make a link to this database on the desktop
  • (optional) put this link into the autostart

5. Setup the backup routine