Installation guide

The Installation of PeriData is easy and fast. It takes only 1 - 2 minutes.

1. Download: The current installation file is found on our website on the page Service > Download (link). After clicking the button "Download" the file will be downloaded. Depending on the security settings of your PC, some security questions have to be answered. The download usually takes less than 1 minute.

2. Install the program: Start the downloaded file PeriData-Setup-.."version number"...exe   It is possible that the administrator password is needed for the setup. Installation starts. Answer all question. Select the suggested installation folder. Installation takes 1 minute.

3. Start the program: If installed for the first time on a new computer, the program needs administrator privileges. Restart the program. Click with the right mouse button on the program symbol and choose "run as administrator". Later, there will be no such question again. And also after an update installation, the program starts normally.

4. Novice?: If you never worked with PeriData, click here: First steps with PeriData .


Network: PeriData is installed on every PC in the local network. Exception: With a Terminal Server Topology, an installation on the server makes PeriData available on all terminals.

Update: The new version is installed as usuall (network: on all workstations). The old version is overwritten. Uninstall is NOT necessary.

All details concerning program start, command line parameters, data structure etc. you will find here: (Program Specifications).

Integration with EMR Software: System administrators should carefully read these informations: Link Mode