Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am going to buy a new perimeter. Will I be able to continue using my old data?

A: Yes, PeriData will allow you to do so. The data are transmitted from the old perimeter to the PC and stored using PeriData. The data of your new perimeter will simply be added in the same database. You will be able to view the old and new visual field results together on the screen. If the perimeter is from the same manufacturer, even a trend analysis will be possible.

F: My perimeter has a special software that stores the data already on the PC. What are the advantages of the additional use of PeriData?

A: There are a lot. PeriData works fine in the network, without blocking the perimeter control program. PeriData is integrated by many EMR programs, and the connection has been approved form many years. PeriData offers a large number of graphical representations which are not available elsewhere. PeriData has a true, statistic-based trend analysis. PeriData is an independant standard and allows you to communicate with colleagues who are using dufferebt perimeter types. And if you are going to change your perimeter in the future, you will not have to learn a new program and all your old data is at your hands.