The PeriData advantages

  • less printing - a hardcopy is only necessary if you refer a patient to a specialist or a clinic
  • less waiting - without printing, the next patientīs turn will be earlier
  • less archiving - forget about all the paper
  • less searching - all data on-hand at your screen without seeking
  • less lead time - the initial "Series Window" gives you a complete overview of all fields, with a few clicks to "Single" or "Trend Analysis" you get the detailed information to decide the case
  • more insight - with the meaningful, colored maps you will recognize every field defect and will be able to rate it at-a-glance
  • more knowledge - with the intelligent statistical analysis you will distinguish normal and pathological visual fields, stable courses and progression
  • more safety - using the recommended database location on the server, the database is included in the routine server backup, providing you with a copy of your visual field data

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What are the costs for the program? >>> facts