Our Philosophy

PeriData is a high-end software for delicate patient data. The PeriData Software GmbH would like to be your partner for these data for many coming years. We want to provide you not only a software that works at present, but also in the future, when the perimeterīs software is modified or you change your perimeter. We would like to provide you a continuous improvement of the software. And we would like to offer you a hotline service where you can call in for any problem with data interpretation, with a change of your operating system, change of your office software or loss of data. The PeriData license contract assures you the sustainability and permanent usability of your perimetry software.

Why is leasing better than purchase?

  • costs distributed over several years instead of a single high rate
  • tax advantages because it is not investment but running costs
  • service hotline covered by the leasing rate
  • updates covered by the leasing rate
  • long-term security for your delicate patient data
  • long-term option of shift to another perimeter type without loss of data
  • fair deal: short-term users pay less than long-term users


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