Perimeter Connection  (Link: Complete Installation Guide)

Perimeter Connection  (Web Link: Complete Installation Guide)

The connection between the perimeter device and PeriData is established ONLY AT THE PERIMETER WORKSTATION. At this PC the new data are received and stored into the PeriData database. All other workstations are reading the stored data. The connection requires several steps

1: Physical Connection: Depending on the device type: Cable connection or (with file transfer) installation of PeriData on the same PC as the perimeter control software

2: Perimeter - Export Configuration: In the perimeter software, some settings have to be set to make the perimeter ready to send data

3: PeriData - Import Configuration: Inside PeriData some settings have to be set to make PeriData ready to import the data. This is done in the menu Extra >> Options

4: PeriData - Patient Data Export: PeriData is capable to export patient key data (name, date of birth..) and even start the perimeter program. This is done in the menu Extra >> Options

5: Perimeter - Patient Data Import: Settings are neccessary to enable the perimeter software to import the patient key data. Several perimeter types do not have an import interface

Details for each device type

Click on the model in the list:

Heidelberg Edge Perimeter (HEP)

Humphrey Field Analyzer 1 (Zeiss Model 6xx)

Humphrey Field Analyzer 2 (Zeiss Model 7xx)

Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 (Zeiss Model 8xx)

Medmont M700

Oculus Twinfield

Oculus Centerfield

Oculus Easyfield

Oculus Smartfield

Octopus 101 / PeriTrend

Octopus 1-2-3

Octopus 300 / 311

Octopus 500EZ

Octopus 900 / EyeSuite

Octopus 600 / EyeSuite

Rodenstock Peristat 433

After the data connection has been established, you can transmit data