PeriData - Changes since version 3.4

New features

Percentile Plot: Trend analysis offers now a "Percentile Plot". This plot shows the development of different defect classes. For example, in a case with progress, the Percentile Plot shows graphically whether only deep defects progress or the whole field. By color coding of the line, the significance of these developments are detectable.

Supertrend: This innovative field representation is a milestone in progression analysis. It combines the trend numbers with significance symbols and the color map of the statistically smoothened last visual field. With this integrative image, the current state and the change over time are visible simultaneously. Once again, PeriData proofs to be the best tool for progression analysis in glaucoma.

Changes and improvements

Octopus: The new strategy "Screening P95" and the scientific strategy "Gate" are recognized and supported.

Trend analysis: Significance symbols are even more graphical. The red triangles for significant progression are pointing downwards, the green symbols are filled now.

Scale: If a scale is active that is too small and does not show all measured points, e.g. after zooming, this is now indicated by arrow symbols in front of and after the scale number, e.g. <<10>>.

Data transmission error: The log file for transmission errors changed name to PORT..ERR.LOG. It is still located in the PeriDataExchange directory.


Octopus 500:Transmission problem solved.

Trend exclusion: When excluding examinations, at least 1 exam remains active.

Trend exclusion: Sometimes newly transmitted examinations were unwillingly excluded. This false behaviour has been corrected.

Export to text file: In some Windows versions, the file extend "txt" was missing. And a memory error during the text file export of very large data bases is solved.

Additional messages: In several sitatuations that may cause data problems, additional security messages are shown. Some existing messages have been precised. Please read the messages carefully.